Art Crafts For Your Kids At Home

giraffe handprint craftWhile kids are still young,it is better for them to awaken and nourish their hidden talents to increase their potentials on their fields. Painting, for example, is just one of the activities that they do to enhance their skills. From photo to canvas, kids would surely be enlightened once they had several art tutorials headed by art professionals.

The first stage would actually be hand or foot painting. It gives them an allowance and freedom to express themselves by being colorful with their hands. Kids love playing and messing around with themselves. So the handprint craft approach would be most applicable and easy for them.

Hand Painting Ideas

1. Giraffe Prints– you’ll need a construction paper, and a brown and yellow paint to do the procedure. Have your kid dip on a generous amount of yellow paint in his palm. Once done, your kid must lay his palm straight and leveled unto the construction paper. Below the print, draw out a curvy line connecting to it which would serve as the elongated neck of the giraffe figure.

Have his thumb print and sealed in by the end of the line. This would serve as the head of the giraffe. After that, use your kid’s fingertips to form circles on the body of the figure. Use the brown paint which would indicate the prints on the giraffe figure. Continue reading


How To Decorate Corners with Canvas Prints

canvas printingHave you looked around your room and said: ‘why is that corner empty?’

One of the things that really pose a challenge for designers is decorating nooks and corners. Some spaces are just not complete until those tiny junctions look pretty. Often, a potted plot or cabinet would suffice. But then there are special rooms, such as those near stairways, that require a little ‘certain something’.

That’s where Portrait painting and lovely canvas prints come in.

They give any area a personalized feel. Aside from you or your loved ones’ personal portraits, there are a hundred other things you can do with canvas photos.

What Are Canvas Prints?

Canvas prints are the result when regular photos (taken using any medium like a camera or mobile device) are printed onto canvas sheets. These days, there are printing companies that specialize in customizing these works of art using modern techniques. Customers can choose from a wide selection of styles such as watercolor, oil, pencil sketch, or pop art. Continue reading

Enhancing Your Canvas with Modern Techniques

Long ago, painters had their own way of painting and used canvas to illustrate their own art. As technology changes at a rapid pace, it has also come a long way with time.

In canvas printing, high quality digital photos produce high-resolution prints. By preserving your memories, canvas printing helps produce high-resolution photo to painting work of art. Because of the materials used in canvas prints, the quality of the picture can be preserved for a long time.

Thanks to advanced printing technologies nowadays, canvas prints are of better quality and high-resolution than normal photo prints. Canvas prints are also like a 2-in-1 product plus the frame. People are choosing this kind of art because of less hassle and convenience.

Photo Credits: Flickr, Pop Art | Lobo, Lambretta

Photo Credits: Flickr, Pop Art | Lobo, Lambretta

You don’t need to buy a frame to display your picture.

You can also decide on what kind of design you want because of its affordability and at least you can also save money while painting your artwork. Continue reading

Save Money While Painting Your Artwork

Painting is indeed the type of hobby that is much more expensive compared to buying a photo to painting online. It’s difficult to get attached to this hobby because you’ll have to spend money for the materials that you’re going to use. There are cheaper alternatives that you can buy, but if you’re the type who likes to paint nonstop, even cheap materials can become expensive. It’s almost similar to smoking – once you’ve started it, there’s no way for you to stop. The expensive materials are also what contribute to paintings to cost a fortune; which is why others resort to customizing their own canvas prints that are sold online.

The bad news is, there’s a good chance that you’re not going to stop from spending. The good news is, there are ways for you to save a fortune, while doing what you love best in the entire world. You can save money, but at the same time create works of art that you really want. It’s not about being cheap and settling for horrendous materials, so you don’t need to worry. You’ll be guided on what you need to do in order for you to get wonderful pieces of art while saving money. Continue reading

Turning Your Photos Into a Timeless Works of Art

Are you looking for ways on how to transform your ordinary photos into personalized canvas print? Let SnappyCanvas turn your favorite photos from photo prints, digital photos and even the low quality photos into a timeless works of of art. They have a wide range of exciting styles that can make a perfect gift for your loved ones and can be displayed on walls for decoration as well. The video below provides an overview about the easy steps to follow to get your loved photos on canvas. Discover how customization process works at SnappyCanvas- a composed of talented and creative people.

Tips on Customizing Canvas Print Products Before Ordering

There has been a growing demand for pictures to painting canvas artworks because they have become a nice alternative to paintings. Even though nothing beats the traditional works of art, we must be realistic that not all of us have the financial capacity to purchase a painting. It is a premium that not all can afford. The versatility of such service is outstanding, when we talk about canvas prints. You have a variety of subjects to choose from. You can choose from your photos, if not, you can pick one of the most popular subjects to paint like landscapes, pets or abstracts. There’s just no limit to finding your subject that will be used on canvas prints.

When you make an order for canvas prints, you have the control of pretty much every aspect of it. You get to decide the size of the frame, colors that will used, texture of the canvas and the like. To a certain extent, you can say that you’ll have your share of help with the artwork after it is done. You can actually express your personality and style through the designs of canvas prints. It’s like adding your personal touch, without making a hands-on impact towards the product. Since you have a direct say on what the outcome would be, you have to think it over again and again. There are ways on how you can customize your order before you can give the provider the go signal.Photo to Canvas Styles, 3 PANEL TRIPTYCH Continue reading

Popular Subjects Used in Paintings

Paintings, like photographs, have that main subject in which is focused on the canvas. As a painter, one of the most difficult parts of painting is selecting what subject you’re going to use in your work. It may sound ridiculous, but painters too have a hard time choosing. It requires a lot of thought and brainstorming to find a subject that can appeal to viewers after it’s done. Painters need to pick the subject in which they can work with “soul”. Without a doubt, your artwork reflects your ability. A plethora of criticisms may shower down from cohorts if the chosen subject is bad.

In this day, some subjects might not garner a lot of praises from people if it does not have a twist to it. Placing the elements in their proper places is essential to having a wonderful painting. But the first thing that you should always remember is the subject. It’s better to stick with the stuff that works, if you’re an artist who wants to sell your work. Here are some of the most popular subjects to paint: Continue reading

Neophyte’s Guides for Mess-Free Watercolor Painting

A piece of art is never exquisite if it does not meet the expectations of its viewers, do you agree? Regardless of how you take the statement, it’s a fact that how other people see your artwork reflects your ability as an artist and the quality of your work. This ought to serve as your fundamental guide whenever wondering about the subject to paint and the techniques to follow for such to be realistically portrayed. But of course, there are several factors that could affect your final output. It’s also inevitable to commit certain mistakes in the process. And if you can hardly avoid or fix any of those, your masterpiece might get ruined. Which is why it is clever to observe these guides for your mess-free watercolor painting:

water color painting

Test a Color First
It dries quickly the moment you spew it on a piece of paper or canvas. As such, testing the color before following your sketch or freely outlining anything you have in mind is very important. This will give you input in knowing whether what you intend to use is hue or tone. Bear in mind, though, that the watercolor paint always appears intense when it is wet and lighter when dry. For proper and convenient use, therefore, you should get used to it by consistent practice with oil paintings from photos. Continue reading

Tips on Achieving Ideal Painting Compositions

‘A whole is made up of its parts’ – you’ve probably heard of this in a physics or chemistry class, but it isn’t all about either of those subjects that such factual statement is included in this prologue. This is all about the art of painting. Your craft, right? So you can obviously relate it to the compositions of your artwork which are very crucial to establish mood and visual appeal. Meaning, on how you mix the elements with your subject can affect how you convey or represent the emotion or thought that you want to share. But of course, that isn’t always the case especially when the composition is below par. That’s a challenge for you to surpass then, and the following could aid you in achieving strong composition in your masterpiece:

painting workshop

Determine or Establish Your Focal Point
It is a very essential element to which the eyes of your viewers should be drawn. Without which, there is no focus or concentration on the oil paintings from photos. So you really have to think about and establish this so-called “apple-of-the-eye” of your artwork. And the best place for this is on one of the intersection points or spots from the “rule of thirds”, and do consider or check the other elements (like lines) which should necessarily lead the eyes towards the subject. Continue reading

How Photos Turned Into Canvas Prints


This video provides an overview of the easy steps you have to follow if you want to transform an ordinary photo of yourself or anything into an exquisite canvas print. Actually, you’re just a “click” away to discover how this customization process works at SnappyCanvas – the ultimate choice for everybody’s photo printing needs!

All of snappy canvases are lovingly made using:

  • Fine Art Museum quality Canvas materials
  • UV Protection to prevent damage from harmful sun-rays.
  • Water Resistance for extra durability
  • Archival inks for long term fade resistance
  • High Quality cotton/polyester blend canvas