How To Decorate Corners with Canvas Prints

canvas printingHave you looked around your room and said: ‘why is that corner empty?’

One of the things that really pose a challenge for designers is decorating nooks and corners. Some spaces are just not complete until those tiny junctions look pretty. Often, a potted plot or cabinet would suffice. But then there are special rooms, such as those near stairways, that require a little ‘certain something’.

That’s where Portrait painting and lovely canvas prints come in.

They give any area a personalized feel. Aside from you or your loved ones’ personal portraits, there are a hundred other things you can do with canvas photos.

What Are Canvas Prints?

Canvas prints are the result when regular photos (taken using any medium like a camera or mobile device) are printed onto canvas sheets. These days, there are printing companies that specialize in customizing these works of art using modern techniques. Customers can choose from a wide selection of styles such as watercolor, oil, pencil sketch, or pop art.

These prints are so popular because they’re not only inexpensive, they can last a lifetime too. As long as they are carefully maintained, they can stay crisp and clear for more than 50 years. They also make great gifts.

Do you have a nook in your bedroom that you don’t know what to do with? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Back To Basics

Are you fond of black-and-white photos? Want to feel like you traveled back in time? With B&W or sepia photos, you can transform that boring nook into a dainty space. All you need is a chair and your preferred picture. The great thing about this project is that you can use your Instagram or Facebook photos.

Just pick the best ones out of your album, send them for printing, and wait for your masterpiece to arrive. Don’t forget to tell them that you want your image in B&W or vintage. Place your favorite chair (it could be an armchair or a stool) in a corner with a bare wall, then hang your finished print.

Voila! Time-traveling made easy.

2. Tissues For Your Trouble

For those living in apartments or shared rooms (who are not allowed to make altercations to the wall), you can still add canvas prints to any space. Boring shelves or bookcases can be made livelier with a bright pop or color. Take out your Summer pics of the ocean and send them to your printer.

Use this nifty idea instead if you’re on a tight budget. With the aid of colorful thin tissue paper (the kind you can get at any craft store), cut out shapes of your choice, then plaster them on canvas frames. You can inter-lap them for a funky design. Use varying shapes, sizes, and hues. Since you’re not allowed to hang them, simply have them lean against the wall.

Either way, they’re still stunning.

3. Corner For Collections

Are you a proud collector? With the help of canvas prints – and a bare wall in a corner of your room – you can show them off with flare. Snap a picture of each of them or as a group, have them transferred onto canvas, then arrange them in any way you want.

So even if your collection is something that most people wouldn’t have access to, they can still admire it. This method also acts as a great conversation piece. Imagine having a wall filled with pictures of shoes, bonsai trees, or pressed flowers! Surely, even you would be impressed.

4. Canvas and Other Sweet Things

Canvas prints are only the beginning. Any corner of your room can benefit from a ‘little something extra’. Get inspired by nature. A vase of flowers right next to your canvas portrait makes for a dramatic statement (and also one of my favorite classic décor). Dried twigs, small branches carved into interesting shapes, or knickknacks from your travels can also be used.

Plates, candles, paper mache art, as well as storage containers, make wonderful additions next to your canvas photos. Plus, many of these can be found in your local thrift shop or garage sale. Even cheaper: scour your basement or attic for great finds. Who knows what you’ll uncover!

Our homes are often the best sources of decorative items. Be resourceful!


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