Art Crafts For Your Kids At Home

giraffe handprint craftWhile kids are still young,it is better for them to awaken and nourish their hidden talents to increase their potentials on their fields. Painting, for example, is just one of the activities that they do to enhance their skills. From photo to canvas, kids would surely be enlightened once they had several art tutorials headed by art professionals.

The first stage would actually be hand or foot painting. It gives them an allowance and freedom to express themselves by being colorful with their hands. Kids love playing and messing around with themselves. So the handprint craft approach would be most applicable and easy for them.

Hand Painting Ideas

1. Giraffe Prints– you’ll need a construction paper, and a brown and yellow paint to do the procedure. Have your kid dip on a generous amount of yellow paint in his palm. Once done, your kid must lay his palm straight and leveled unto the construction paper. Below the print, draw out a curvy line connecting to it which would serve as the elongated neck of the giraffe figure.

Have his thumb print and sealed in by the end of the line. This would serve as the head of the giraffe. After that, use your kid’s fingertips to form circles on the body of the figure. Use the brown paint which would indicate the prints on the giraffe figure.

2. Lion Prints– use orange and yellow paints to do the procedure. Black pens are also necessary. To do this, you need to spread your fingers with your hands merged with each other. Dip on an orange paint and have your hands stick into the paper. To decorate corners of the figure, form a big and wide circle. This would serve as the lion’s mane in the picture.

Let it cool off first before you proceed on putting the face. Use a yellow paint to draw it with your palm alone. And when it gets dry, it’s time to create the face of the lion figure.

3. Handprint Snowman– this procedure is also exciting for your kid. Have his palm painted with white paint. Dip it on the center of the paper. As for your kid’s fingertips, paint it with black color. Stamp it a little higher from the white output but make sure it is connected with it. Include your kid’s thumb prints. This will serve as the snowman’s head in the picture.

Once the paint goes dry, you can proceed on adding icons and accessories for the snowman. Draw out the hands and scarf for a clearer and vivid picture.

4. Handprint Strawberry– grab some red, green and black paint. Fill your entire hands with red paint and stamped these two in an overlapping position. It will create a rounded and curved figure perfect for your stawberry structure. After that, dip the sides of your fingers with green paint which would serve as leaves. These should connect with the strawberry.

For a a detailed and perfect touch, paint your thumbs and fingertips with black paint. This would be the seeds of your handprint strawberry.

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