Popular Subjects Used in Paintings

Paintings, like photographs, have that main subject in which is focused on the canvas. As a painter, one of the most difficult parts of painting is selecting what subject you’re going to use in your work. It may sound ridiculous, but painters too have a hard time choosing. It requires a lot of thought and brainstorming to find a subject that can appeal to viewers after it’s done. Painters need to pick the subject in which they can work with “soul”. Without a doubt, your artwork reflects your ability. A plethora of criticisms may shower down from cohorts if the chosen subject is bad.

In this day, some subjects might not garner a lot of praises from people if it does not have a twist to it. Placing the elements in their proper places is essential to having a wonderful painting. But the first thing that you should always remember is the subject. It’s better to stick with the stuff that works, if you’re an artist who wants to sell your work. Here are some of the most popular subjects to paint:


LandscapePhoto Credit [Cuba Gallery, Flickr.com]

The focus of this type of painting is on nature, which includes seas, land forms, forests and the like. People are into these type of paintings because they simulate a facade of nature. It works because people love seeing sights of things that depict the beauty of nature. You bring a part of nature with you inside of your home. It never gets old, as most houses have paintings of landscapes hung on their walls. Conservative art lovers are attracted to landscapes.


Photo Credit [BloodyGoku21, Flickr.com]

Dogs are one of the most popular subjects because they are the most recognizable pets. They are also easier to paint because they do not move much if they are tired. There are also a number of people who own dogs, which means that dog paintings are easy to sell because you have an expanded market. The details in this one should be given emphasis.


This one does not adhere to the standards of a painting. At first glance, you might even have the impression that it looks like something that a 4 year-old kid can do. In reality, it a serious form of art. It does not have a clear subject. It is induced from the emotion of the artist. It is more than what meets the eye. It is too vague to understand that artists are usually the only ones who can get it. It is one of the fastest-selling work of art.


Probably the most controversial type of painting is the nude. Painting nudes does not mean that you are infatuated with people who are less clothed, rather it is an artwork that displays the beauty of the human body. The real meaning of nudes is celebrating the human anatomy, the skin tone, bone structures, etc. The subject is usually a woman.

As an artist, the best feeling is to see your work hung on a person’s wall. Before making an artwork, one must first find a subject that everyone can relate to. It does not really make much sense if you paint something that can only be understood by you. You must always put into account what other people may think of your work. Taking a risk may be out of the equation if you are just starting as an artist. It is better to follow the pattern of most artists.


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