Theme and Style

Take A Pic! Turn Your Photo Into Different Styles!

Digital photography is one of the latest innovations in the new technology. A dramatic transformation can take effect on a photo taken with the use of a digital camera. Through canvas printing, a person’s photo can be turned into an artwork that is often seen in art museums and galleries. However, in canvas printing a photo can have different styles that can be a perfect present or a home decoration. There are different styles available that would definitely match personalities and would be perfect for any occasion. Some of the styles to choose from would be: Traditional photo to painting, Photo canvas, Pop art canvasses, and Collage, each has different kinds.

Traditional Photo To Painting

  • Painterly Canvas – Photos are digitally hand painted turning them in an exquisite wall art. It transforms your photo into an art piece that would beautify your walls.

  • Davinci Portrait – Inspired by Leonardo Davinci which combines past and present in making a classic masterpiece. It uses canvas material and high grade archival quality ink.

  • Watercolor Photo Painting – Uses watercolor to enhance emotion and expression of a photo to produce a stylish and lovely watercolor photo painting canvas.
  • Oil Portrait Canvas – Digitally brushes photo into painting with one stroke at a time. Using quality materials, this would be perfect in having a personalized oil portrait canvas

Photo Canvas

  • 3 Panel Triptych – Giving an eye capturing and modern look for your canvas photos.
  • Canvas Splits – Perfect for photos of your favorite landmarks and places. For increased durability and resistance, these will be glossed and crafted with a durable UV protection.

  • Photo Canvas – Your personal photo can be a masterpiece with photo canvas. Kids and children’s photos would be great but any type of photo can still enliven your wall.

  • Poetic Canvas – Your most treasured photographs along with your favorite poetic and romantic lines that will be inserted beautifully.
  • B/W Canvas –  Black and white can be an excellent choice for many kinds of photos. This would be perfect for landscape images, infant photos, pet portraits, etc. This one never goes out of style.

Pop Art Canvas

  • Modern Pop Art – With its painstaking detail and vibrance, it simply captivates the eyes. This customized pop art consumes 8 hours to be completed and is made from quality archival materials to last.

  • Pet Pop Art – It turns the photo of your pet into a painting. Close up head shots would be an excellent choices for this one.

  • Warhol Style Pop Art – This enhances decors. Your walls will pop using a Warhol’s pop art style combined with your favorite photo with the use of vivacious colors.

  • Opie Style Pop Art – A modern and minimalist style that would be perfect for workplaces and houses. It is also a unique gift idea.
  • Che Pop Art – Turning your photo into a pop art with the iconic Che pop art can be perfect for styling your pad or as a present.

Collage Canvas

  • Photo Mosaic – When having a hard time in choosing, you can send your multiple pictures and see for your self how they are created into an eye catching and magnificent mosaic canvas.

  • Fancy Collage – Digitally designed to create a unique gift fro different occasions: anniversary, Valentines, and weddings.

  • Photo Fit – Have your photo collage be handcrafted with the most quality materials that can last for a lifetime even with direct contact to sunlight.

  • Elegant Collage – It also never goes out of style and a fun way to enjoy photos as large canvas. Whatever photos you can think of such as pet, travel, babies, etc. would be great.

  • Pure Collage – Select, upload and arrange your photos in order and you can have them in a few days. These can be place on the entrance to the living room or even in offices.

With so many options above, one can never go wrong in using photos not just for decorations or presents but even to preserve memories that will always be a part of our days.


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