Tips on Customizing Canvas Print Products Before Ordering

There has been a growing demand for pictures to painting canvas artworks because they have become a nice alternative to paintings. Even though nothing beats the traditional works of art, we must be realistic that not all of us have the financial capacity to purchase a painting. It is a premium that not all can afford. The versatility of such service is outstanding, when we talk about canvas prints. You have a variety of subjects to choose from. You can choose from your photos, if not, you can pick one of the most popular subjects to paint like landscapes, pets or abstracts. There’s just no limit to finding your subject that will be used on canvas prints.

When you make an order for canvas prints, you have the control of pretty much every aspect of it. You get to decide the size of the frame, colors that will used, texture of the canvas and the like. To a certain extent, you can say that you’ll have your share of help with the artwork after it is done. You can actually express your personality and style through the designs of canvas prints. It’s like adding your personal touch, without making a hands-on impact towards the product. Since you have a direct say on what the outcome would be, you have to think it over again and again. There are ways on how you can customize your order before you can give the provider the go signal.Photo to Canvas Styles, 3 PANEL TRIPTYCH

Choosing the right photo

Preparations on making canvas prints require a process and the first step is trying to choose which photo you want on the canvas. It is only fitting that you select the best photo available. Make sure that the photo that you will choose is one that hasn’t withered that badly. Providers are going to have a hard time with your order if you chose a photo that is faded. As much as possible, try selecting photos that you took using a high mega pixel camera. If an enlargement is done, the quality of the artwork will not be affected once the photo is stretched to fit the canvas. Take note, the best photos are those that were taken in a spur of a moment. You can pick one that is considered as a candid photo. But, make sure that the subject looks presentable.

Avoid using photos that you’ve altered

Since there have been many photo-editing sites online, there is a tendency that you are going to edit your photo prior to sending it to the provider. This is a big no-no. Unless you are a master of photo-editing, most photos that are edited will have a bad finish on the canvas once they are stretched. There are some effects that the provider can offer to salvage your photo. But it is better if you have the whole list of options when you’re trying to decide what kinds of effects you want in your canvas prints.

What effects do you want?

The provider can offer a slew of effects that you can choose from. Try to ask the provider if they can give a preview of their artwork in all types of effects. This way, you can decide better on which effect is more suited for your photo. The most simplistic designs are the regular prints, black and white and oil painting. There are also different effects such as pastel, watercolor and pencil sketch, to name a few.

A more modern art design

Aside from the effects that were mentioned, there are also canvas prints that look modern. If you’re not a fan of traditional paintings, you can choose effects that are more updated. Some of these effects are pop art, comic art, mosaic and collages. By going with collage or mosaic effects, you can save space from putting too much photos on your wall. That’s because you can select a number of photos that will be used in a single canvas print.


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