Top Mistakes to Avoid when Decorating Your Home

What makes a canvas print beautiful to one may not be to another – that’s a fact! But truth is, there are certain mistakes that many homeowners commit when it comes to interior decoration using such artwork. It is something which is likely not to be admitted by some as they presume that everything is but their personal preference; “whether good or bad to look at for others as long as it’s my way of seeing things” – this probably their motto. Now, do you have the same? Well, it’s time to get enlightened on certain misconceptions concerning the ideal set-up or beautification of your own home. The following are some of the top mistakes which you have to avoid when you are into such concern:

canvas prints

Inappropriate Selection and Hanging of Pictures
It’s the look and the size that ought to be considered here as the canvas print needs to compliment other accessories you have and its size should be neither too small nor too large for the space of your wall. You have to avoid also hanging pictures or other wall decors which length could make the entire room look so narrow; always do some initial experiment before finalizing what you will put in there. For your guide, it is best to follow these suggestions: (1) decors should be hung in such a way that they look proportional to the location, (2) the image you select should necessarily relate to the surrounding furniture or accessories, and (3) try experimenting with various arrangements and combinations of pictures so that you would know where the right place for the canvas print is.

Improper Arrangement of Furniture
One common practice is lining the furniture around the walls of the room so that the space would look wider; that’s true, but not the ideal way of arranging things in your home. Instead, it is more inviting to place the pieces at the angle or surrounded by the area. For instance, you can angle the sofa facing the fireplace and placing additional pair of chairs near it, particularly two loveseats. As you try to secure the best placement of home furniture, you should likewise look for patterns so as you will have guide in the proper arrangement of things.

Excessive Use of Accessories
More is often better than less, but not in all cases. An exception to this is when you over-do the accessories in decorating your home. So instead of making it more appealing, what you might simply get is a crowded space which looks like a boutique. As such, you have to avoid this habit and do not follow the grouping of similar items together in one place. You know how would that look like if you do, right? Think about then of the unique items (including customized canvas prints, of course) that could embody the mood you wish to have or your own personality.

Unwise Placement of Decorative Items
If you are used to pairing the items in a particular area, this is now the right time to forget what motivates you to do that. Expert designers say it’s not the best way to make them interesting to look at; rather, they must be placed in one area in odd numbers. So that obviously means you need to opt for 3, 5, 7, and so on when deciding on how many canvas prints to hang on your wall. Be sure, though, that you also consider the shapes, heights, and textures so that the balance could be achieved or maintained.

What else? There may be some other mistakes which are not included here but you have unconsciously committed at home before. Anyhow, the aforementioned is a practical guide to ensure that you can achieve the right interior design using canvas prints and other beautiful accessories.


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