Artistic Ideas on Room Decoration with Canvas Prints

One great use of canvas prints nowadays is to serve as a decorative masterpiece for the clever homeowners so as every room could be made ideal to stay in night and day. And while it is no ordinary seeing them on walls, there is often a difference on how they are chosen and displayed by the occupant. That  only reflects one’s personality and the mood being emphasized in the area to fit home’s ambiance or everybody’s interest. Take an instance where you see a magnificent abstract illustration, what first impression could you probably have about the owner? It would be different if you see a beautiful wedding photograph, wouldn’t it? Now there lies the importance of the following ideas so that you can artistically choose the right image and decorate your room with the most attractive canvas prints:

Room Decoration with Canvas Prints

Complement the Theme or Mood of Room
Want it to be lively or dramatic? Anything is possible if the accessories you have at home do complement one another. So prior to photo or frame selection, you have to consider the purpose or and attributes of your room as the right canvas print could only be determined if such are not overlooked. It is still your preference that would count a lot, though; but for the ideal appearance and atmosphere of the room, you really have to make sure that what you choose is somewhat similar in color, size, style, etc. to the existing decorations.

Make Sure to Fit the Print in the Wall Size
Again, “size” matters, which is why you necessarily have to fit the canvas print in the space or wall where you intend to display it. As a matter of guide, you need to put smaller prints for narrow walls and bigger ones for the larger spaces; no need to explain why for it’s quite obvious. Meanwhile, it is suggested that when checking the appropriate size, you have to use tape paper on the wall which is of equal length to the canvas so that you would know how it appears in that particular position, or else, you can utilize the same to demonstrate the external boundaries of the print.

Select the Right Canvas Art Designs
There are a number of choices when it comes to the canvas art, but you have to select the most appropriate so that you can get the best canvas print. In particular, they include (1) gallery wrap –  best for most canvas prints, except for those with critical image parts near the borders, (2) black sides – ideal for framing the canvas print on your own, or when you choose the sleek look of black on the slides, (3) standard wrap – this is also preferable for most prints especially if the main focus of the image is not close to borders, (4) triptychs – perfect for the large rooms and hallways as the canvas can occupy larger space, and (5) framed prints – the right choice if you opt for the framed canvas print without adding expense on the custom framing.

Follow the Ideal Canvas Print Arrangement
On how the canvas prints and pieces of furniture are arranged also have significant impact on the appearance and appeal of your home decoration. The most common method here is lining up several prints in a row so that the space across the wall can be filled up; just make sure that the prints have something in common (design, theme, or pattern). Meanwhile, the choices of print arrangements include (1) vertical arrangement which adds to the feeling of height in the space, (2) horizontal arrangement which can give illusion of width in your narrow room, and (3) diagonal arrangement which provides excitement to the composition.

It is simply a matter of creativity for you to ensure having best room decoration using canvas prints; but do consider complementing your skill with the above suggestions to see what difference would there be in your private space.


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