Stretched VS Rolled Canvas Prints and Their Pros and Cons

Along with all theCanvas Prints Artworks changes in this modern time and the advancements in the new technology, the preferences of people have also drastically changed. Before, people were contented just to see paintings and other artworks in the museum, as they could hardly afford it, now they can even make their own. And the best thing about it is that they make their own artworks from their own photographs, and this gives them the chance to have it according to their own preference especially that they can choose the subject.

Both the traditional and modern technologies have met at a common point to provide people with an exclusive creation, one that is a hybrid of canvas and photographs. And this makes it possible to turn one’s work into a real artwork with stretched canvas prints. As benefits, it can provide longer life, a perfect look, and a chance for people to enjoy their favorite pictures which are scanned or printed and displayed at home. Sometime this artwork is also given as a gift to special people or when there are special occasions. With this result, taking advantage of the benefits of the new technology to create an exciting invention is indeed a great experience. And there are two types of canvas prints where photos would look great when printed on them, the rolled and stretched canvas and each one of them has both pros and cons. Let us take a closer look at them.

Stretched and Rolled Canvas

Before any canvas print would be displayed, it needs to be stretched. A rolled canvas print is stretched over a “stretch bar”. A stretch bar is a thin wooden frame where the canvas is stapled to. Then it can be framed or just be left on the stretcher bar with that basic and exhibition-like appearance. The main difference however when you buy a rolled canvas is that you have to stretch it by yourself.

Why Rolled Canvas Print?

Rolled canvas prints are basically cheaper. One receives the artwork in the form of a roll and then he would be the one to take care of the stretching and framing. When having plans of purchasing online, it is important to consider that shippers are not all the time delicate and the stretcher bar is dainty. Another reason to consider is that it would be better for the canvas when the stretcher is also a framer.

Why Stretched Canvas Print?

When the canvas printing company where you purchased the print would stretch it, there are lower chances for it to be damaged, compared when doing it by yourself. And of course, there would be a great difference when it comes to the quality of the image. Stretched prints tend to be more perfect, brighter and sharper. They are also better compared to rolled prints when it comes to sizes and dimensions. Most of all, stretched prints are not vulnerable to dust, as well as damages, thus they tend to stay for a longer time while maintaining the quality.


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