Portraits and Pictures: Little Fragments of Memories

Vintage Photo CanvasPhotographs once took ages to develop, with people utilizing cumbersome cameras and undergoing seriously complicated developing processes. These were taken in black and white and the gear is supposed to be handled with extreme care, because the ones in the time gone by were nothing short of fragile. Improvements in photography and printing came about in more modern times, with people utilizing films that are faster to develop and with color at that, giving people the chance to immediately see the images that they have taken through the camera lenses, which are actually, fragments of thoughts and memories which somehow brings a nostalgic feeling to anyone who sees it.

Today, with the rise of digital photography paired with technology which is pretty advanced, everyone is able to take pictures, regardless of the device. Mobile phones and desktop and tablet computers are now capable of doing what the first inventors of the old cameras would never have imagined. Digital photography is still a relatively new form of technology which is still being improved as I am typing this entry. Even so, its roots are still being brought back. Various photography techniques that have been formed and perfected by photographers and photojournalists of the time gone by are still being observed and done by those who are in the field today. Pictures of the scourges of the society, its downfall and genocide may be prevalent today, however, images depicting euphoria, green fields, peace and of the little things are more important memories.

Black And White CanvasThe printing press has been invented centuries ago, which made mass communication through print possible. Its inventor may not have dreamed that it is what it is now. With the recent advancement of printing technology, the creation of large format banners, billboards and images are now possible, regardless of surface. May it be on a canvas, tarpaulin or fabric, they are considered as important communication tools. With that said, canvas printing plays a significant role to people who availed it. They may just be large versions of pictures; however, just their presence in your living room or anywhere in your house shows memories that are pretty significant in one’s life. May it be depicting a photo (or a group of photos) of your pets, your wedding or the pictures of your newborn, they induce nostalgia which would someday bring tears in your eyes.

Portraits and pictures are fragments of memories. Yes, they may be a piece of rectangular paper or a few feet of fabric, what they contain are priceless happenings that would certainly never happen again. The thought that it has happened in your past is something that you will certainly treasure. A memory of the time gone by will never ever happen again. Remember, these memories shaped you and have contributed to what you are now. It is important to go back to your humble beginnings, to your roots and to the place where it all began. Life is a one track affair. You can never rewind or review it again. All you have are fragments of memories depicted on a canvas or a piece of paper.


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