The Different Elements of a Pop Art Image

pop art images and artworks

When trying to examine a pop art canvas, one would find that there are various elements that connect an artwork that is seemingly unrelated to each other. At first, it would be a normal thing that upon examining the artwork, it would look confusing. Some of them may appear decorative in nature, while others are an obvious form of social commentary. There are also some pop art pieces that are three dimensional, some are prints. Thus, how are these forms related to one another? What makes an artwork pop art, instead of a sculpture or abstract art?

A pop art image draws upon the modern images of different cultural icons, modern conveniences, or consumer products, regardless of the nature or message of such art piece. A pop art image can be an oversized cherry and a spoon, a print of a famous movie star that has been altered, or a collage that depicts individuals from the advertisements with the use of modern-day products in unique ways. The art would always refer in different ways, form or shape to commercial or kitschy modern images which are commonly seen in comic books, billboards, commercials, and movies. On the other hand, a personalized pop art often uses pictures of people, images, or items which are specifically chosen to honor someone. These photographs and images are then mixed with an abstract art or with other images. Pop art images make the daily visible things in life as an inspiration.


  • Mass-produced image- a lot of pop art pieces utilize mass-produced images like comic book pictures or an advertisement copy. These images are often replicated in print or art piece. Through this, people can recognize the image and be able to draw conclusions from the way how they are represented.
  • Icon- a pop art artist can derive his inspiration from iconic images, pictures of movie stars, cultural symbols, and corporate logos. These images are decorated or altered; sometimes they are used in conjunction with the other images for social commentary or decoration.
  • Altering the medium, size, and texture- when pop art images are presented the traditional way, then they might not be presented in their actual or relative size. Instead, one would find alteration in size, texture or medium as part of the style.
  • Abstract positioning- there are some pop art pieces that make use of the traditional positioning of images on the print or canvas. When there is a desire to have a collection of pop art pieces, one would see the non-traditional arrangement of images and a lot of collages.
  • Altered photograph- a pop art piece can be based on some altered photographs of actual people or items. An artist that creates a custom pop art can take photos of their clients and change the color of the photo or make use of a photo editing tool in order to replace some parts of the photo.

A pop art canvas has been around for a very long time, and at present, given the advent of the new technology the quality has been greatly improved. In order to achieve the desired end-result, keeping in mind these elements would make things possible.


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